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General Notes
  • All settlements within the internet project WmObmen.org are being made using WebMoney title units. Title units are accounting units for titles of ownership which can be seen in WMT user account.
    An exchange operation is a transfer of WebMoney title units of ownership and is thus being regulated by WebMoney TOS as well as Ukrainian civil law code. Based on this agreement, titles of ownership are being transfered according to section 512 and 656 of the Ukrainian civil law code.
  • The Client must read and accept all rules and requirements of this agreement before using our services. The Client has no right to use our services in case s/he does not fully accept these TOS.
  • This agreement outlines the key rules and principles in accordance to which WmObmen.org offers you its services. This agreement also sets up the rights and duties of the parties. Please also note that this agreement may be modified by us at any time without prior notices whatsoever.
Public Offer Agreement
  1. The Parties of this agreement are the Client and the website WmObmen.org.
  2. The Client must not violate any laws by his/her actions.
    1. This agreement does not repeal any acts of those countries, in which the Service and/or the Client are being registered or reside. In case the current legislation outlines the facts which may prohibit the Client to use our service, the further using thereof is deemed illegal and is therefore prohibited by this agreement.
  3. In order to conduct the exchange operations and other services WmObmen.org does not require any ID's from the Client. However, the exceptions exist and are those settled by the WMT TOS, which includes the list of required documents for exchange operations.
  4. The Client bears responsibility for the accuracy of provided data. WmObmen.org denies liability for the operations providing the personal/commercial data used was not accurate.
  5. WebMoney Transfer is a basic payment system for all exchange operations, and uses the following basic title units: WMU, WMZ, WME and WMR.
  6. No operation conducted through the WmObmen.org services can be cancelled once the payment has been received.
  7. WmObmen.org denies liability for the actions of other payment systems due to their malfunctioning.
  8. Information received from the Client (including his/her personal information) cannot be transferred to third-parties, except there is a corresponding act of authorized services which obliges us to.
  9. WmObmen.org denies responsibility for violation of the WebMoney Transfer TOS by the Client.
  10. The Client is solely responsible for the lawful and competent ownership of the funds.
  11. WmObmen.org does not fulfil any tax duties for the operations conducted by the Client.
  12. The service costs are set by WmObmen.org and may be changed at any time without prior notice. These rules may also be altered at any time with no notifications whatsoever. All operations being conducted will be executed with accordance to new rules, agreements, costs and terms.
  13. WmObmen.org denies any responsibility in case the Client entered the incorrect data/information in the Order form.
  14. All operations shall be executed without protection code (see this article.)
  15. WmObmen.org denies responsibility for the actions of other money transfer systems, banks and payment systems and delays caused by their (mal-)functioning.
  16. Payment systems are solely responsible for the funds trusted them by the Client. WmObmen.org is not a party in the agreement between a payment system and the Client, and therefore is not responsible for incorrect or illegal use of that system and for the misuse thereof. Mutual rights and obligations of the Client and a payment system shall be regulated by the rules and agreements used by that system.
  17. The tax duty and other duties ensued of the use of WmObmen.org services shall be exercised by the Client side.
  18. The rendering of service provided by WmObmen.org is limited to the amount of funds or its equivalent, accepted from Client. Using WmObmen.org services, the Client agrees that the WmObmen.org's liability is limited to the amount of said funds provided in order to conduct the operation.
  19. WmObmen.org keeps the right to refuse from serving the Client without any explanation and it does not discuss its policy with the Client.
  20. WmObmen.org denies the responsibility for the delays and faults caused by force majeure and other systems (such as electricity, communication etc.) The Client is obliged not to forge the communication streams used by WmObmen.org services.
  21. The agreement is deemed concluded as a public offer, accepted by the Client in the process of placing an order. The information about operation terms is deemed a public offer. The accept of that offer is a set of actions performed by the Client, obviously confirming his/her intentions to proceed with the order, and accepting the terms and conditions displayed by the Service right before executing the operation.
  22. Parties acknowledge this agreement equivalent to the written one by its legal force.

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